Bipres is a long-standing manufacturer of oven and other appliance components. In the last few years, there has been a shift towards satin-finished steel components with a strong design content (domino hobs) and towards bottom protections (enamel-coated sheet), which are the parts that house the oven’s electrical and gas components. We have the technology for large-scale runs of millions of pieces per year but can also produce one-piece prototypes for pre-production feasibility assessments.

  • Manufacturing of satin-finished steel appliance components
  • with strong design content and of bottom protections
  • Technology for large-scale runs of millions of pieces per year
Legal and productive headquarters:
  • Via Nazionale 21
    47017 Rocca S. Casciano (FC)
  • +39 0543 960336
Administrative headquarters:
  • Via Roma 188 int.8
    47014 Meldola (FC)
  • +39 0543 815962
Productione headquarters:
  • Via Tosco-romagnola 45
    47010 Portico di Romagna (FC)
  • +39 0543 967245