Zago Spa, a company of the FERRETTI group, contacted us for the first time in October 2008.

It was Ferretti itself which referred us as a trustworthy supplier.

Zago is a marine outfitting company specializing in wood furniture for large ships, yachts, and cruise ships. Its interiors also include polished and paint-finished steel accents.
Zago called on us to produce and install handrails for a cruise ship.
Our offer was lower than others they received but the fact we were located far from the Marghera shipyard curbed their enthusiasm.
Finally, in June 2009, they awarded us the contract for a series of galvanized steel profiles for a cruise ship.
Many orders for ship completion elements have followed since then and are still ongoing today. These include false ceilings, air conditioning enclosures, and polished steel fittings like the handrail terminals and supports shown in the photos.
Composed of stainless steel “drops” and half spheres, the handrail terminals are produced from drawn flat AISI 304 bars, CNC-machined into the design shape.
They are then polished to exacting standards, especially in the rounded areas where hand contact is likely.

Our craftsmanship yielded an aesthetically elegant terminal (the wooden inserts between the drops, which further accent the refined look of the piece, are not shown in the photo).
The design is sleek and simple and the mirror finish combined with the dark mahogany accents make the terminal a perfect match for the ultra-luxury of the Queen Elisabeth.
We can now deliver directly at the shipyard, even every day if necessary, so the distance from Marghera is no longer an issue.
Thanks to our flexibility, willingness and dependability, Zago has come to realize the importance of its partnership with Bipres.

Zago is now one of our top ten customers with sales amounting to 160,000 €.

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