In 2008, the world’s leading commercial espresso coffee machine manufacturer La Cimbali involved Bipres in a project to produce a shaped element entirely made from AISI 304 stainless steel for the side of a new machine.
Creating the aesthetically impeccable element just as the designer envisioned it was a challenge because of the audacious lines and sharp changes in curvature.
It was initially designed as a single-piece element, but after analysing it, we proposed a two-piece assembly.
This solution did not affect the feasibility of the element and we were able to preserve the designer’s original aesthetics.

Prototype runs and samples:

Thanks to its proven experience and new CAD-CAM-linked machining centres, Bipres is able to produce steel or iron prototypes of your parts, with the surface treatment required and at competitive costs.
This is an important aspect if you need to technically or aesthetically test a part before moving on to full-scale production.

A good work on prototype models translates into huge time and cost savings once the item to mass produce is determined.

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